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RVAFreaks“They live in their tiny houses, drive their tiny cars, and work in their tiny cubes” This is how Xine Bouthillier (“Xgirl”), one of the Co-conspirator of RVAFreaks.com, described many of the ordinary boring people who live without a unique lifestyle and embrace the main stream culture. For RVAFreaks it is all about “connecting the subversive cultures of Virginia together and offering them the chance to express themselves and be who they really are without limitations or restrictions of the society”. Yesterday, RVAFreaks.com had launched its unique website targeting alternative lifestyles in Virginia to express a bold statement about who they are. This brave venture allowed them to stand out in a conservative society like the one in Virginia. Freaks are not crazy. They just see the world from different perspective and like to live it their own way. Many of us are living a life that we had rejected deep inside our hearts but everyday we fight through it and ignore our anger. We are afraid to stand out and oppose the conventional wisdom and the main stream culture. We just want to be cool and fit in. There is always a freak inside each one of us waiting a special magical touch to appear. I have found out how to let mine it out. Have you?


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