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Red Parrot

BirdFrom behind the dirty window, she looked up to the cloudy sky wondering if one day she will be able to escape. Her green eyes where reflecting buried dreams of freedom and love. She questioned herself “Do I belong here? … Where is the end of my journey?”. Her thoughts were scattered around like a puzzle and her body was tried from facing the wind. She looked into the corner of the room where the open cage is and cried. Her parrot landed on her shoulder and started playing with her hair. She grasped the parrot and hugged it while she was singing her old song about life. It is wonderful how we can engage with other creatures and transform some of our feelings into the relationships. For the second, she felt like the parrot understood her and tried to huge her back. She opened her hands and let the parrot fly around her in the room. It seems to her like the parrot was repeating her song in its own way. For her, it was a nice and quiet moment that is going to last forever. She looked at the parrot and though that it will be nice if she can open the window and let the parrot out. What an amazing adventure is awaiting the parrot out there. But for her it is going to be the final cut and her life is not going to be the same again. She can’t let the parrot fly out because she can’t afford to feel lonely again. She is like a parrot. A red one.


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