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Twitter Cookies
If you work in a big department or organization, you are familiar with the birthday cookies’ emails coming from your co-workers to let you know that someone got a big box of delicious cookies and you are welcome to stop by and grab one. Well, in the digital world, people are looking for free cookies and you can implement smart twitter marketing strategies to motivate your customers to follow you on Twitter and drive traffic to your website by benefiting from your followers’ influence and social networks. Here is the recipe:


    – 1 Marketing objective
    – 1 Twitter Account (Twitter.com)
    – 1 webpage
    – 25 -100 free offers or special promotions


    1. Identify the marketing objective that you are trying to achieve (drive traffic to your website, inform your customers of new products, or collect customers’ emails, etc…).
    2. Create a webpage on your website. Add to it a call to action related to your marketing objective (fill this form, vote on new products, or view this ad) and rewards (free products, samples, discounts) that customers will get if they follow the action. Limit the number of rewards to first 100 customers or 25 customers (Depending on your appetite) and create a descending counter on your webpage that shows how many rewards left for customers to get.
    3. Send a tweet to the customers who are following you on Twitter informing them that they can get the rewards (free cookie) if they are among the first 25 to 100 customers to do the required action and motivate them to retweet and forward your tweet to their friends.
    4. Monitor on twitter and Google alerts how your message is spreading, who is spreading your message, and who is taking advantage of the offer.
    5. When you run out of rewards, update the webpage immediately with link to your Twitter account and ask visitors to follow you for future promotions.
    6. Bake Twitter cookies by repeating the above directions as needed.

Let me know how your Twitter cookies taste like by leaving a comment or sending me an email to iyad.mourtada@gmail.com.


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